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What is the Shaunda Jay Blog?

The Shaunda Jay Blog is a travel and lifestyle blog founded in early 2018 by Shaunda Johnson. This blog contains posts dedicated to helping readers become well-informed savvy travelers, as well as becoming well-balanced leaders of their own fates.

Let’s Work Together

The Shaunda Jay Blog is interested in working with like-minded brands, publications, operators and organizations on collaborations that are inspiring, unique and reflect the site’s core values.

Freelance Writing

Shaunda has a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. She also is a Louisiana State University Distinguished Communicator, which means she is certified in written, verbal, and technological communication. Please get in touch for freelance writing commissions.

Partnerships and Sponsors

The Shaunda Jay Blog is open for invitations on press trips, product reviews and destination campaigns. We are always keen for mutually beneficial partnerships. Please note that the Shaunda Jay blog only works with brands we fully endorse and are comfortable recommending to our audience.

***Please note: Shaunda does not work in exchange for ‘exposure’. Brands that do not have a marketing budget are requested to not contact Shaunda in these instances. Please do not send information about new apps or websites that ‘might be of interest’ to the Shaunda Jay Blog’s readership if there is no budget for promotion.

For more information on any of the above opportunities, please contact us using the form below.