IMG 8280 - Where My Girls At? : Black Girl Magic Picnic in Busan

Where My Girls At? : Black Girl Magic Picnic in Busan

here 300x160 - Where My Girls At? : Black Girl Magic Picnic in BusanLet me start off by saying that I had an amazing time at this event. I attended a Black Girl Magic picnic at the Busan Citizen’s Park last month and I didn’t know what to expect at the event. I found out about the event through a friend. The details on the flyer were also pretty vague. However, I figured it would be a good environment for networking for my new business venture.

Needless to say, I was thoroughly impressed with the event once I arrived. The host had a cute but welcoming set up on a patch of grass at the park. Luckily, my friend that invited me had just arrived shortly after I did so she could introduce me and the friend that I came with. I was a bit surprised that most of the ladies were South African. My friend and I were the only Americans there. Regardless of our nationalities, everyone was genuinely welcoming and kind.

It was refreshing to be around positive energy, beautiful faces, good snacks, and great company.

bye - Where My Girls At? : Black Girl Magic Picnic in BusanThe magic must had been radiating strongly from us, because an elderly Korean woman came to join us though she didn’t speak English. She just sat quietly smiling at us, watching us like a hawk. The elderly generation acts like their entitled to do whatever they please to do, so we just let her stay and carried on with our business.

As we ate and waited for more ladies to join, we all engaged in pleasant conversation in an attempt to get to know each other better. Shortly after the last two ladies joined in, it began to rain. But there was a Korean gazebo nearby for us to relocate in. After relocating and more snacks, we got down to business.

We had an ice breaker to get more comfortable with each other now that everyone was there. The ice breaker was called “What’s in the Purse?” This game was super simple and enjoyable. We made two teams of four members each. Each team received a game paper. On the paper was a list of items and their points. The mission is to have each member find the items in their purse and add up the points in three minutes. The team with the most points was the winner.

Of course my team won, because I always carry a fully-loaded bag. I hate to be unprepared for an adventure, no matter how small it is. My friends always complain about how heavy my bag is, but they don’t complain when they need something out of it.

IMG 8267 - Where My Girls At? : Black Girl Magic Picnic in Busan


After the game, the host guided us into a discussion about our time in Korea. During the discussion, we all agreed that Korea drew our attention inward to ourselves. For me, Korea has been a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. But it has gravely impacted my personal growth. All of the ladies shared about their new-found self-love after the impact of being cut off from their comfort zones.

We also discussed feeling isolated in the workplace and in the country, the struggle of making new friends, dating, and our new self –discoveries. During the conversation, all of the ladies comforted and supported one-another with empathy and compassion. It was almost like being in a group therapy session.

I was glad to be able to provide comfort to my sisters from other misters. When you’re alone without your support system in a strange place that’s opposite of your culture, it can be crucial to find some sort of normalcy. It may range from being around people who look like you to only hanging out with people from your country. Sometimes we just need to hear that we’re not alone and there are others having the same experience.

IMG 8289 e1540805119803 1024x768 - Where My Girls At? : Black Girl Magic Picnic in BusanThe Black Girl Magic Picnic was very successful in its goal to bring together a small group of women for treats and intimate discussion. I look forward to going to the next event. If you’re in Busan or nearby, I’d love to see you there as well.


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