pray - The Untold

The Untold

Further and further she slips away from this so called reality into the mist

Not believing in you or me

A voice telling her that this is not her world and that she should set herself free

But if she does…

what will be left of her?

What about the others who can’t take that journey to freedom with her?

But then again, is it really worth drifting endlessly as an empty vessel here?

Not having emotions, just going through the motions of living

When does it all add up?

She would have given the keys to her soul away years ago

To take the void, pain, and emptiness away

However, she stays here searching for something real

So far removed from reality it feels as though she’s never awake

In an endless sleep walk through the smog of truth, justice and liberty

Because you have to wake up before you die in a dream right?


If she’s already dead in her dream then she can never wake up

jazmin quaynor 108481 unsplash 683x1024 - The Untold
Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash

She’ll remain young, beautiful and miserable forever in isolation with her story untold.



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