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The Difference

I stare into his eyes and I see a future

As we lie there caressing sacred parts

That should not be exposed until made man and woman

But it feels as though we are man and woman

As we embrace each other’s chocolate souls

And yet we giggle like a girl and a boy

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We guard ourselves and play games like a girl and a boy

In order to protect our fragile fragmented hearts

But still long to make the connection that will make us real man and woman

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Our immature minds make us less likely to compromise

Only real man and woman understand the sacrifices and trade-offs

That must occur in order to increase productivity in their union


As boy and girl we nip and pick at each other’s flaws instead of taking on

The role of man and woman and accepting each other; good, bad or indifferent

Until we can put aside our selfish intentions and think about what is best

For the whole, then we will remain just a girl and a boy and never reach

Their full potential to be man and woman

That’s the difference.
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