strawberry - Sprung on Spring: Strawberry picking in Busan

Sprung on Spring: Strawberry picking in Busan

Spring time is strawberry season in South Korea (the season starts in winter though). It’s a time where you can buy 4 large containers of medium strawberries for 10,000 won ($9.29)! It’s also a time when many people go strawberry picking.

My strawberry-loving self has been dying to go every since I found out about strawberry picking being available here. My niece and I love strawberries so much that we would finish an 1 Kg container in one sitting. I knew she would enjoy it just as much as I would (maybe even more).

We finally went strawberry picking as a family after talking about strawberry picking for so long and hounding my sister for so long. My sister managed to find a strawberry farm nearby with much research and help from some Korean friends. We took a family trip to the Sandeul Strawberry farm in Yangsan.

To my surprise the strawberries were kept in green houses. So, I was a little disappointed that we weren’t going to be picking outside. It was so hot in that green house that some strawberries were melting. The heat in the green house intensified the sweet aroma of fresh strawberries, which made the heat more bearable.

We spent 30 minutes in the green house feasting on as many strawberries we could get a hold of. Plus we got to fill a 1 kg plastic container with strawberries to go. My sister and I went through the rows carefully inspecting which strawberries to eat and which ones to save. Meanwhile, my niece ran wild chomping down on every strawberry she could get her hands on.

By the time we left the green house, everyone had red sticky hands and big smiles on our faces. Strawberry picking was fun for the whole family. But I think my niece enjoyed it the most. She had strawberry stains all over her clothes and even in her hair. She walked out with no regrets. None of us did.

Additional information and pics are posted below. If you have further questions please feel free to leave a comment.


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Strawberry farm information:


경상남도 양산시 원동면 뻘등길 72

There is a bus stop about 10 minutes walking distance from the farm. This place is really in the rural part of Yangsan, so I’d suggest taking a taxi from Yangsan subway station. It’s about a 25 minute ride from the subway station to the farm by taxi. It costed about 11,000-12,000 won. Once the taxi drops you off at the top of the street, walk straight down the dirt path and the farm will be on your right. We booked a reservation online here for 9,900 won. (Tip: the website is in Korean and the staff at the farm only spoke Korean to us.) Good luck and safe travels!


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