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Me want Mi Cake: Cupcake Decorating in Busan

South Korea is known for having some of the coolest and most creative themed cafes in the world. Its truly an invigorating experience when you visit a themed cafe. You can find cafes from all spectrums of cute, artsy, creative, weird, and cuddly.

Yes, I said cuddly because of the dog and cat cafes all around the country. I’ve been to quite a few of these unique cafes. I’ve been to the sheep cafe, selfie cafe, raccoon cafe, flower cafe, and poop cafe just to name a few.

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But when I found out about a cake decorating cafe, I couldn’t resist. I love cake, especially cupcakes. All of that in one place for me to decorate though?! The fat kid in me was jumping for joy.

I started furiously searching for the shop in Busan. The first result that I found was from a post about 4-5 years ago. Unfortunately, Korea changes physically like every month. Businesses open and close faster the lunar cycle. I have been here for three years, I still get so hurt when my favorite places close down (RIP Seoul Gimbap).

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With that being said, I couldn’t trust that old source. I finally found the website for Mi Cake. The website is only in Korean, which is no problem for me since I can read Korean. Over the years I have grown very resourceful at getting around language barriers when it comes to online ordering. You do not need to make a reservation online, nor do you need to know Korean to enjoy this experience.

Anyways, I found the Busan Mi Cake store which was located in Nampo dong. Their hours are from 11 am to 9 pm Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, they are open from 11 am to 7 pm.

I got lost on the way there from the Nampo subway station. I just remember that it is across from the Wise Park Gwangbok Branch (와이즈파크), which is a large shopping mall.

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Alright, I figured out some concrete directions for y’all since I love y’all so much and really want y’all to experience this place. Here’s the scoop:

Take the subway orange line (Line 1) to Jagalchi. Come out of exit 7 and keep straight. Make a left at the corner; you should see a phone store on your left. Go straight three blocks and make a right. Keep straight until you see the Wise Park building on your left. There will be a smaller building on the right side (if you’re facing the mall). Go up to the third floor of that building and you will find MiCake.

Once I finally entered the shop it was like I stepped into a sweet colorful fantasy. I was instantly distracted by all of the decorating options when I first walked in. There were deep freezers full of cute chocolate ornaments and delicious fruits. The walls were also covered in sugary delights to make your cake or cupcakes dazzle.

I finally made my way to the register to get a menu for order options (All transactions were done in Korean, sorry guys). The cupcakes were sold in sets: 4 for 12,000 won, 6 for 16,000 won and 9 for 23,000 won. Each set included strawberry, chocolate, plain, and green tea flavored cupcakes.

I selected the 4-cupcake set, which came with one flavor icing. I also selected the type of icing tip. The cashier gave a small clipboard, a pen, and order form to go shopping. The form was for the additional decorations and toppings. Once I was set, I went back to the sweet wonderland to pick my toppings.

I grabbed a plate and some tweezers from the sterilizer and started shopping. Each item displayed has a price next to it. I marked my items on my order form.

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The cupcakes were ready by the time I finished in candy land. Then I channeled my inner Cake Boss for my master creation. I tried to remember all the cake and cupcake decorating videos I have seen to create masterpieces. I made one for me, one for my sister, one for my niece, and one for us to split.

It took me about 25-30 minutes to complete my cupcakes. I even had to get a new tube of icing and borrow my friend’s icing. As a creative person, I really went all out on my cupcakes. I decided to wait until I got home to try them with my girls once I finished decorating.

Mi Cake provides a cute little take out box for your freshly embellished cupcakes. My total came to 21,300 won ($19.04). I consider that money well spent because I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. On top of me making some beautiful cupcakes, they were scrumptious. Be sure to check out Mi Cake the next time you are in Nampo Dong or if you’re looking to whoo your boo.   

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