friend - Friend


The pool of close friends turned into a sea of empty faces

But the only one that seems to be suffering is you


pic1 300x300 - Friend
Photo by Prince Akachi on Unsplash

As you watch a stream of smiley faces from a screen secretly wishing you were still in the picture

You were never their favorite though; they never loved you more than they loved each other

After a faint pathetic hallucination, you remember that you left the situation for a good reason


But if you’re an empty shell and they are empty shells, then why not be empty shells together?

Oh, oh no, you thought you were different from those empty shells

You acted as if you knew right from wrong but if all of you were wrong then what was ever right?




“Stand your ground, even if you’re standing alone”

But why should anyone have to stand alone?

Isn’t it a human desire to want to belong?

Who says we are supposed to be alone?


Trying to decide who is friend or foe

Ultimately locking everyone out because they don’t seem to fit

In the puzzle that we created but can’t figure out where the pieces belong


pic2 300x300 - Friend
Photo by Jernej Graj on Unsplash

The worst time to stand alone is when you’re standing your ground

That’s when you’re exposing your most vulnerable intimate parts in hopes of inviting others to join

You in the fight, I mean your quest for righteousness


But you’re still left alone,

Casted off into the shadows because you’ve exposed the truth

They never loved you

Hell they didn’t even like you for all you know

They were just faking the funk to get what they want


But then again, you always knew in the wilderness of your mind

That you stood alone, you slept alone, you ate alone, you laughed alone

But you were never really alone, because even when you were alone


You still had your friend, Loneliness

It  kept you company throughout the years

Appearing and disappearing at the right times




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