• Sunset chaser - Therapy Essentials: Best Essential Oils to Use for Oil Therapy

    Therapy Essentials: Best Essential Oils to Use for Oil Therapy

    This post contains affiliate links. Please read the disclosure policy. Let’s talk about the centuries old remedy that can cure just about anything… essential oils. Essential oils are oils made of highly concentrated molecules and tiny fragrant distilled from woods, seeds, leaves, flowers, fruits and other parts of various plants. Essential oils also have therapeutic properties which help promote mental and physical well being. Essential oil therapy is the use of such oils to heal the body and mind. People have been raving about essential oil therapy and its benefits for many years.  Growing up, my mom would use vitamin E oil to grow my hair long and thick. She also…

  • phone - Uninterrupted: The Phone Cleanse

    Uninterrupted: The Phone Cleanse

    Can you imagine turning off your cell phone for a few days? No calls, no text, no checking the time on your phone, no checking your email or social networks… absolutely nothing. How many days do you think you could last like that? Most people couldn’t image going an hour without their phone and wouldn’t have the willpower to consciously abandon their phone for days.   I was once one of those people that had an inseparable relationship with my phone. Even if I wasn’t getting calls or texts, I was constantly on my phone. It didn’t matter where I was; I had to be on my phone. I was addicted…