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Well kind of all about me, like if you put me in a nutshell and then presented me… But I’ve digressed. So here is me, I mean Shaunda… or maybe it’s Shaundajay? I’m totally kidding, this was just a ploy to see if you would actually read through my bad jokes to get to the real “about me” section. Nevertheless, if you’ve made it this far then congratulations and happy reading!

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I enjoy being ambitious and adventurous. My plans are to see the world, explore diverse cultures, and expose others to the vasts opportunities/benefits of traveling. While embarking upon these adventures, I accumulated a passion for inner peace and happiness. This passion navigated my sails to beginning this blog. In doing so, I hope to help others navigate through similar adventures, to share my experiences abroad, or to just supply entertainment for those who like to read such topics. Moreover, I aim to share about my discoveries on the path to inner peace and happiness as well as encourage others to find their own path to living a blissful life.

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I grew up in Metro Atlanta, City of Stone Mountain then attended Louisiana State University to further my development. Shortly after graduating from Louisiana State University in 2015, I went to Busan, South Korea to visit with family members already working and living there.  I found myself attracted to the opportunities Korea had to offer and settled there to work and live. The ample time off coupled with reasonable travel fares were too difficult to ignore. Working as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher abroad provided me with the opportunity to travel around East and Southeast Asia. 

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In college, it was always a dream of mine to live and work abroad (though doing it in South Korea was never on my list). So, moving abroad a month after finishing college was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. During my globe-trotting so far, I’ve embarked upon more than just stepping foot into a new country. But a yearning for inner peace and happiness also began to unveil.

In my opinion, traveling is the best education that money can buy. And my experiences have certainly proved that to be true throughout my life. I am grateful for an opportunity to share this experience with others (the good and the OMG? Really?! moments) with you. Welcome… from yours truly,


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